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Build a Growth Mindset in Mathematics & English

Struggling to get better marks in Math's!
Is this impacting self confidence in your Math's ability?

Stellar… A Platform to Unlock your Child’s Real Potential!

Welcome to the Stellar System, a ground-breaking programme meticulously crafted to revolutionise Mathematics and English education. Our programme embraces a unique approach to teaching maths, spanning from 5 years old all the way to 18 years old. It is anchored on a distinct ladder of core mathematical and english competencies, outlining the strategic scaffolding of the curriculum to ensure comprehensive coverage and progressive mastery.

Why is maths Important?

Mathematics is important because it provides a way to describe and analyse the world around us. It is used in a wide range of fields such as science, engineering, finance, and technology to solve complex problems and make predictions. Mathematics also helps to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are important for everyday life and in many professions. Additionally, studying mathematics can lead to new discoveries and advancements in various fields, contributing to the progress of society.

Teaching Video Lessons

Series Of Workbooks

Structured Learning Plan

Reward System For Provinding Motivation

Core Principles of the Stellar System

Personalised Mastery-Based Learning Journey

In the Stellar System, we honour each student's unique strengths. We strategically place each learner at the point of 100% mastery on our competency ladder. From there, we embark on a bespoke journey towards achieving comprehensive mastery in mathematics, nurturing their understanding and application of each concept in a systematic, engaging manner.

Integrated Workbook System

Complementing our mastery videos is a series of expertly designed workbooks. This integrated workbook system reinforces the learning material and drives the mastery of each competency. It offers students ample opportunities to practice, discover, and grasp each concept. These thoughtfully crafted workbooks have been tailored to reinforce the material covered, enabling students to truly master each competency.

Reinforcement through Multimedia Learning Tools

The Stellar System harnesses the power of technology to enhance the learning experience. For every competency on our ladder, we have meticulously crafted deep teaching videos supplemented by multiple examples. These videos serve as invaluable learning resources outside of tutor-led sessions, allowing students to explore, revise, and consolidate their understanding at their own pace.

Focus on Critical Thinking Skills

In the Stellar System, we believe in empowering our learners with more than just mathematical knowledge. Every lesson is skillfully designed to integrate deliberate critical thinking exercises. We challenge our students to analyse, interpret, and apply mathematical concepts, ultimately enhancing their overall learning outcome and equipping them with skills valuable beyond the mathematics classroom.

Stellar's Inspiring teachers and tutors​

Our Stellar Maths tutors are:
  1. Have a deep understanding of Mathematical Concepts and have great confidence in providing support and nurturing.
  2. They use Adaptive Teaching Methods to suit the child learning style.
  3. They demonstrate patience and empathy fully understanding that each child learners at a different pace.
  4. They have strong Communication Skills, making teaching clear and precise.
  5. Build learning confidence guiding and support just enough to build independent learning and not creating dependence!
  6. They are motivational and Inspiring, making students feel at ease at the same pushing limits!
  7. They live the Stellar brand values with integrity and pride.

How do we do it?

Motivation can be a critical factor in a student's success in Mathematics and English. When a student is motivated, they are more likely to be engaged in their learning, persist through challenges, and put in the effort required to master math concepts. Therefore, on enrolment your child is allocated a mentor tutor who works with your child cheering his/her success. They meet twice a week where the tutor and the tutor support check their completed workbooks and guide your child through the lessons for the week ahead and examples to complete the work ahead.

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Did you know 2,7% of students that wrote Math's achieved distinctions. Mail & Guardian







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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stellar Programme?

We are not just a tutoring service!! Stellar system is based on the ladder of competencies that requires each step to be mastered before leaping forward. Each step comprises a set of fun teaching videos that the mentor introduces the child to and offers support around the competency. The child then tests understanding through rigorous practice on the predesigned, structures workbook system. Each step in the ladders therefore comprises:

1. Sets of animated teaching videos

2. Series of workbooks for each level

3. Structured learning plan 

5. A learning reward system providing the motivation

4. Deliberate celebration of each success.

What can parents expect?
  1. The tutors are there to support learning and pave the learning journey!

  2. The tutor will identify where the child is at, the challenges and the strengths. With the parent, a learning map is created.

  3. All resources are provided in line with the learning map.

  4. Learners are required to complete workbooks daily.

  5. The tutor communicates with the learner daily to monitor the progress and support when needed.

  6. Weekly reports are provided to the parents.

Stellar Centres provides the nesting experience where maths success is bred.

How does it work?

On parents enrolling their children an induction is held to introduce the parent and the child to the comprehensive Stellar system of learning.

Two contact sessions are held per week with the child to provide feedback on all workbooks. Regular assessments provide evidence of growth. Quick and immediate feedback is fundamental to the learning and the system.

The two weekly contact sessions can be held at a Stellar Co-Lab nearest to you, or if preferred at your home.

What is the Stellar Maths & English system?

Every child a Masterpiece! That’s what we say.

Most children get on the wrong foot with Maths because they just missed something in their learning….as maths is layered on previous learning, any new learning becomes a little shaky. If left unattended, it leads to lessening of motivation and eventual dislike of the subject.

Stellar will help each child reach their full potential. It’s not a quick-fix or band-aid method but one grounded on building the child’s competencies from where they are at, crowning small wins to building confidence and get the motivation and love for the subject back!

Tutor mentors will be the strength your child needs.

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How we do it?

Our process starts with a thorough evaluation of each student’s mathematical competencies, thereby ensuring accurate placement on the competency ladder.

Post-assessment, students are placed at an appropriate level on the ladder. Our dedicated tutors engage students in targeted instruction, aiding them in their journey up the ladder, ensuring complete understanding at each step.

In addition to tutoring sessions, students have access to a rich library of detailed instructional videos and example videos for each competency. These multimedia resources provide continual guidance, allowing students to reinforce their understanding at their convenience.

We conduct regular assessments to track student progress and adapt learning strategies as required. Regular feedback is communicated to students and parents, promoting transparency and collaboration.

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